Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Win One More for the Gipper" and other press

Dear Friends of President Reagan's Chicago Home:

For anyone who's been paying attention, we've been in the news a bit the last two weeks.

Just this past week, our newest board member Dan Proft, mentioned the whole effort to save President Reagan's Chicago home on the air on Wednesday, February 6, during his regular morning radio show on WLS, an ABC affiliate in Chicago.

Plus, we had a few pieces out in print this week, as we celebrated Ronald Reagan's 102nd birthday, including:

"Win One More for the Gipper," by Nicholas Hahn.

"Ronald Reagan's Heart: Two Emotional Landmarks," by Mary Claire Kendall

"The real story on Ronald Reagan's childhood home," by Mary Claire Kendall

Double rainbow that appeared over the birthplace of Ronald Reagan
the night before his election as President in November 1981.
He kept this photo is the top of his desk, considering it a good omen.
Also, I appeared on the Teri O'Brien radio show on Sunday, February 3.  Here's the link. For my appearance, go to 90:00 mins. in to about 102:00. (A little feedback issue 91:00-94:00)

For those who are tuning in for the first time, here's background on this national initiative, as well as our corporate purpose statement. And, please note, if we do not succeed in our main mission, net donations will go to the other homes on "The Ronald Reagan Trail" in Illinois.

Thanks for all your generous support. Every little bit helps. Quite simply this initiative would not exist but for your donations. (See information to the right on how to contribute. And, for those who would like to wire funds, I would be pleased to facilitate this. Just give me a call.)

Sincerely yours,
Mary Claire Kendall
Acting President/CEO
Friends of President Reagan's Chicago Home, Inc.

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